DataKnowl Contact easily connects your business with your customers on all channels


Phone, SMS, Email, Web, Mobile, Social – it doesn’t matter. Whatever channel your user prefers, with DataKnowl Contact, you can manage them.

Center of all interactions

Answer a phone call, reply to a ticket, manage a live chat, or reply to an SMS. Do it from Contact with ease.

Full features included

CRM and Big Data Analytics included to collect data, to better understand your customers needs. Unified Communication features to collaborate and resolve customers' issues quickly.

Scalable, Easy, Reliable and Secure

From SMB to complex enterprise contact centers needs, DataKnowl Contact can help. Easy to use and manage, thanks to its reliable cloud platform, DataKnow is based on highest industry standard for security.


Infrastructure as a service. DataKnowl offers phone numbers for more than 60 countries, including toll-free, local and national numbers, for both voice and SMS purpose.

API and Integrations

Doesn't matter what software you already have. Thanks a powerful API, you can integrate it. Have a look at Integrations to know which software already works with DataKnowl Contact.
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Everything in one place. Engage with your customers like never before.

Your customers are the most important piece of the puzzle. Revolutionize the way you engage with them, on a channel of their preference. With Contact you can manage phone calls, thanks a scalable Interaction Center feature, manage, reply and track request thanks to the complete ticket system, or engage live with a customer thanks to the live chat feature as well.

Customers like to reach you by SMS, social media, chat platforms or new home devices like Alexa. No problem, with DataKnowl Contact, you can engage with your customer on any supported channel, from one interface.

Stop buying, configuring and maintaining tons of software to manage different channels. With DataKnowl Contact, all you have to do is set up one simple account, and you are ready to go and manage the new era of conversation. It is easy, fast and much cheaper!

DataKnowl Contact is highly scalable, from small businesses to huge enterprises, our Plans provide the scalability you need. From an independent entrepreneur managing calls from customers, to complex multi-team, distributed, omni-channels customer care departments, our plans adapt to your needs. Grow and improve your customer service with DataKnowl Contact!

Interaction Center

Phone calls, SMS replies, live chat, or conversation on Facebook Messenger, every exchange with a customer is logged as an interaction in DataKnowl Contact, which you can manage from a single interface.

DataKnowl Contact is the omnichannel evolution of Contact Center, scalable from one person to large distributed team, thanks to the cloud.

Support Ticket System

Track requests, open tickets and manage them with ease. Attach a ticket to an interaction.

A complete ticket system for the omni-channel conversational era, it allows you to convert a ticket, manage requests of various kinds ( technical, commercial , administrative ... ), and reach the customer service team from different communication channels .

Whether it is a phone call, an email, an SMS or a message via Facebook or Twitter, it will all be immediately converted to a ticket and assigned to an expert agent. Not a single request will be lost, ensuring that your customers are happier and satisfied!

Real time support

Add the DataKnowl Widget to your website or mobile application, and you can provide Support Live Chat to your customers, to engage with you in real-time for the most responsive customer service.

Manage real-time conversations from Chat Platforms like Facebook Messenger, or Telegram.

Social Network and Chat Platform conversations

Give your users and customers the freedom to contact you on social channels, be it Facebook or Twitter. Manage social conversation with ease.

Support your customer on chat platforms they like, and they already use, like Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Kik. They can contact you without installing any app, using the same application they already use to get in touch with friends.

All channels you need. Futures included.

DataKnowl lets you manage traditional channels as well as the emerging mediums of conversation.

We have a long history of focusing on emerging market trends and ensure that the innovation reaches you, allowing you to be one step ahead of your competitors.

We are currently integrating Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistants, among the various new technologies and are planning to include the others soon.

Manage your contacts

Thanks to included contact-oriented CRM, you can manage your contacts with easy, and track all interactions associated to a user or company.

Already have a CRM in place ? No problem. Thanks to integrations, DataKnowl and your CRM will talk each other and everything will be in sync.


DataKnowl Widget is an easy to install multi-features point of contact that you can deploy on your website, and in less than a minute, your users will have a live chat system and web interface for V-Agent.

A unified widget for omni-channel communication.

Self-Service integration

Thanks to integration with V-Agent and V-Voice, your agents can rely on additional power. Provide self-service customer care and let your agents manage more complex cases. Take care of your customer 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Agent Collaboration

DataKnowl Contact Agent can rely on a unified communication collaborating system to talk and collaborate on providing the best customer service via Internet calls, video calls, and more.


DataKnowl Contact can be integrated with the software you prefer and already use. Want to use the CRM that you already have in your company? No problem! See if it is already supported, or create your own integration. Want to use your Ticket System solution ? Don't worry! It is possible thanks to our integration features. We have endless possibilities to build the perfect solution tailored to suit your needs.

Powerful Analytics and Reporting

Collect, aggregate and analyze data over time. DataKnowl Contact analytics
will provide you with actionable insights to improve your customer service.

Customer Portal and Knowledge Base

DataKnowl Portal is the enabler of effective self-service customer service.

Your users will be able to find answers to questions, thanks to Knowledge Base with Natural Language Processing features, manage tickets in their private area, and access your custom embedded applications.

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