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Affiliate Partner

Promote the DataKnowl platform and get great recurring commissions. Add new revenue streams with minimal investment. A simple and effective partner program.

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Reseller Partner

Expand your portfolio of products and services with DataKnowl. Help your clients develop better relationships with their customers.

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Solution Provider Partner

Leverage your technical and sales capabilities to consult, sell, customize and implement DataKnowl solutions to delight businesses globally.

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DataKnowl easily connects your business with your customers on any channel


DataKnowl Contact combines a full-features Cloud Phone System, an omni-channel, scalable Cloud Contact Center (Interaction Center), and a simple and easy to use Support Ticket System.

Everything in one place. Engage with customers like never before, on any supported channel (phone, sms, email, whatsapp, ...).


V-Voice is the evolution of IVR, a conversational agent for the voice channel, that can help your human agents and provide your customers with a superlative self-service. The V-Voice virtual agent makes it possible to optimize and / or automate interaction with users and customers on the voice channel.

V-Voice allows you to reduce operating costs, offer services 24/7 and increase customer satisfaction.


An intelligent, conversational, AI-powered, omnichannel solution for the automation of next generation Customer Service, V-Agents are chatbots always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on phone, web, mobile and messaging platforms, ensuring that your customers are always assisted.

Optimize human agents workloads, automatically manage customers' requests. V-Agent represents a workforce that is always available at very competitive costs.

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